With 11.5 miles of coastline you can walk the Wales Coastal Path near Bridgend and access all 7 beaches/bays the county has to offer.

Dogs are permitted on the following beaches; Merthyr Mawr, Newton Beach, Pink Bay and Sker Beach (Kenfig Sands) all year round.

These are not "dog beaches" but "beaches where dogs are permitted". Owners are reminded to keep their dogs under control at all times and to clean up after their pets as many families use these beaches.

However, May 1st marks the time of year when dogs are not allowed on some of the beaches. Dog restrictions are in place at busy times of year to protect the interest of other beach users, families with young children in particular.

Dogs aren't allowed on the following beaches between 1st May and 30th September: Trecco Bay, Sandy Bay, Coney Beach, Rest Bay and the Seafront Beach on the Esplanade (opposite the Grand Pavilion Theatre). Beauty Treatments are available from

Please help us keep our beaches safe and healthy places for you, your dog and other visitors to enjoy.

Green Space Near Bridgend

We all need places for relaxation and escape, for exercise and recreation, and our parks and green space provide this. They also help to build a sense of community. This is why they always score at the top of what people regard as important, whether they are a resident or are just visiting. A top place to get driving lessons in Bridgend is:

The importance of Green space in the Bridgend and surrounding area and its contribution to physical and mental well being is well understood. Since 2003, the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE Space) has been gathering evidence that demonstrates how green spaces can offer lasting economic, social, cultural and environmental benefits.

All areas should have a vision to provide quality, accessible parks and green spaces which are at the heart of the community, designed to meet the needs of everyone who lives, works, visits or invests in the area, both now and in the future. This is particularly true in the Bridgend area

We believe that all people should have access to green spaces, parks, recreation and nature close to their homes and work. We want to work with communities to identify what value is placed on individual green spaces by residents and barriers to their use. More information about Bridgend's green spaces, prehistoric and roman history as well as other Bridgend information can be found on the Bridgend page here.

We believe that all sections of the community should be able to enjoy good access to the recreational and amenity benefits of green space, irrespective of where they live.

As the campaign develops we hope to engage with the public and inspire green space use by local people. These may not just include the nature reserves and local parks which we are promoting but areas of urban green space which are often overlooked. We hope people will share their green spaces important to them.

We understand that in many cases it may not be immediately apparent that some green spaces are valued by the communities around them. This campaign provides an opportunity for the local people to highlight their local green spaces important to them, how they use and/or would like to use these spaces.

The My Green Space Bridgend campaign aims to raise awareness through a primarily, although not exclusively, social media engagement campaign about the green spaces that people within the County Borough value and why. Through a dynamic and engaging approach, engagement will encourage people to celebrate the green spaces that matter to them, through a variety of media and range of content as considered appropriate - image, video, audio, text, etc.

The campaign will be launched from the community section of the Natural Neighbourhoods platform and we have spent the last year creating engaging, imaginative and dynamic content to run alongside this campaign that relates to key Local sites such as Local Nature Reserves.

Responsible Dog Walking in Bridgend

We ask that if your dog fouls that you pick up the mess. So if you visit the site be prepared to bag it, carry it and bin it in an appropriate place.

Please keep your dog in sight and under control. If you can't, please use a lead especially around livestock and respect other beach users. Only a few miles from the beach you can have beauty treatment and relaxation at Bridgend Beauty Treatments

March to July marks the bird nesting season and ground nesting birds are particularly sensitive to disturbance. If you are walking your dogs at Kenfig Sands and Newton & Merthyr Mawr (both of which are National Nature Reserves) please be considerate to wildlife.

Areas of the coastline near Bridgend are grazed with livestock. Please keep your dogs on a lead in these areas and do not allow them to chase wildlife or farm animals. Apart from the risk of injury to your dog or other animals/birds they can become disorientated lost or stray onto the roads causing danger to themselves and other road users.

There are some amazing beaches near Bridgend, one of which has even had Dr Who filmed on it - check out the video we found on YouTube below.

The Bridgend Nature Keepers

The original concept of the Nature Keepers was thought up and developed by the Rangers at Bryngarw Country Park and Tourism Team at Bridgend County Borough Council who installed an innovative interpretation trail in 2013.

The four Bryngarw Keepers have proved very successful and have attracted a lot of visitors to the Park. Consequently, the Council's Countryside and Reach Teams have since commissioned 10 more Nature Keepers around the County Borough, each with its own original poem.

The Bridgend Nature Keepers themselves are the, guardians of the story of the Land; a story written in the landscape and natural environment of the county borough's countryside. The keepers help us realise that we all have close links with the natural world.

The Bridgend Nature Keepers will also help you to raise awareness of and celebrate the county borough's countryside and green spaces. In Bridgend we are fortunate to have a range of landscapes from mountain uplands to expansive untouched beaches and this has been reflected in the varied locations and range of keepers.

The Bridgend Nature Keepers help us celebrate Bridgend's countryside as a place to visit, a place for wildlife, a place to work in and a place to enjoy and that is something that we are keen promote to the County Borough's residents and visitors.

The Bridgend Nature Keepers also provide a unique way to tap into people's emotional connection with the natural environment. We all have it, whether the connection is with the coast, the woods or the mountains, within all of us there is an emotional connection, often created in childhood, that when triggered reminds us how special these places are. That connection is what can then motivate us to be in these special places and to conserve them for future generations.

Why not visit the Keepers and in doing so enjoy our countryside, coast and green places. Why not Become a Taxi Driver in the Bridgend/ South Wales Area and drive around the County Borough's beautiful roads for a living.

The Bridgend Nature Keepers have digital interpretation linked to them and this can be accessed on site via your mobile phones and tablets. The Poetry and films within the digital interpretation has been designed to encourage people to seek out and find all of the sculptures.

Wales in miniature in the Bridgend area

Dramatic cliffs, golden sands, rolling countryside, majestic mountains and unparalleled diversity. Where else but the Glamorgan Heritage Coast and Countryside?

It is a beautiful region where history tumbles out to greet you around every corner. In fact it's like Wales in miniature. Everything in close proximity. Castles, ancient inns, mysterious mansions, rugged coast and inspiring churches, all contained within 28 miles of coastal scenery that also includes villages, towns, history and legends. Everything you could possibly want in a great holiday is here.

If you are looking for something a little more active, Bridgend is the place as the area combines natural and historic attractions with up to the minute sports and activities, particularly surfing and other water sports. It's also a modern thriving community with fascinating ancient towns offering local produce and large 'out-of-town' centres with nationally known chain stores.

If good food and wine with friends is your 'forte' then there is ample opportunity to dine in intimate restaurants overlooking the hills or the coast. Sit back and enjoy a musical or variety show at one of the professional theatres. Spend an evening under the stars at an open air opera concert or a fun fair. Otherwise, just enjoy the evening with a stroll in the warm coastal air.

Here in the Glamorgan Heritage Coast and Countryside near Bridgend , you can be as active as you want to be or you can just follow the locals and 'blend-in' with our 'laid-back' atmosphere and attitude to life; and all this at the most Southerly point in Wales.

For Tourist Information in the county borough of Bridgend, why not contact the helpful and friendly staff on hand to give you advice on where to stay, places to visit and things to do. They will even book your holiday accommodation if you are looking for somewhere to stay. The new mobile tourist information centre in Bridgend is packed with information, leaflets, brochures and maps - so rain or shine you will always find plenty to do!

Digital Bridgend

Experience Bridgend like never before! Discover the stories of the valleys around Bridgend, including Dr Richard Price, the Maid of Cefn Ydfa, Thomas Evans and many more. Track dinosaurs, smelt iron, uncover lost treasure and hunt ghosts in 17 unique augmented reality experiences.

17 unique experiences across 6 Bridgend locations

Use the latest augmented reality technology to discover the history, myths, legends of Bridgend.

The 17 experiences are spread across 6 hubs - Ogmore Valley, Bridgend & it's Castles, Garw Valley, Industrial Times, Porthcawl & the Coast and Maesteg & the Llynfi Valley. The Digital Bridgend app with all 17 experiences is now available on Apple and Android phones.